Poem #01

'Wedding & Honeymoon Poem'
(by Adam Zia.)

And now the ceremony tis done.
Two children of space-time have now become one.
Whoever was star & was moon, now both reflect Sun.
Happy & sad times bridged by galactic, now become fun.
Hurt, pain, and anguish before were all poison, but are now set on stun.
Three, two, one..
We are all single planets, united as friends, harmonic, vibrations, where love never ends!

© 2013 Adam Zia. All Rights Reserved.
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Poem #02

(by Adam Zia.) 
I was so glad to make your acquaintance at last
To look upon those eyes that doth capture the times that move fast
To be carried by the voice that doth disentangle the nets which we cast
To observe how the heart lays two hands on papa so the pain will be past
And to know there's no show, there's no tell, theres no lie
Just the Love of a Daughter for Father,
Like bird Love the Sky
Just the Love of a Father for Daughter,
Like the Smile love the Eye.
© Adam Zia 2012. All Rights Reserved.
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